Wednesday 06 December 2023

The 7 Most Popular Blog Posts in 2023

In addition to providing high quality timber windows and doors, we believe that it is important to provide excellent customer service.  With this in mind, we aim to provide you with the expert advice needed to make the right choice on the best windows and doors to suit your home.

As we look back on 2023, we have identified the 7 most popular blog posts on our website in 2023 (click on the titles to read them)…

How to Identify the Right Timber for your Windows and Doors

When looking for the right timber windows and doors, choosing the best timber is important.  This article discusses what you should look for in a timber and assesses the most popular timbers for timber windows and doors against these criteria.

The blog article then concludes with what timber is best for your new windows and doors.

Georgian Architecture Guide

For those with Georgian properties, this article discusses the design of doors and windows, along with popular colour schemes and styles during the period.

The article also discusses how to identify Georgian properties, the key characteristics and the difference between the Palladianism style and Regency style.

The History of Windows in the UK

Assessing the history of windows in the UK.  The article talks about how windows have gone from small holes added in the wall, protected by bars or shutters, to the sash windows and casement windows seen in properties across the UK today.

The article also talks about the introduction of glass, along with the removal of glass tax in the 19th Century.

Secondary Glazing vs Double Glazing

Secondary glazing is often confused with double glazing, but these are two separate products.

For those unsure whether to choose secondary glazing or to upgrade to double glazing, this blog explains the differences as well as assessing the benefits and uses of the two products.

Approved Document Part F 2021 Ventilation: How It Affects You

With new legislation last year requiring complete new windows to have trickle vents (except in listed buildings and homes in an Article 4 Conservation Area), this article discusses what trickle vents are, their benefits, what they look like on your windows and when they are required.

Sash Windows in the 20th Century

This article discusses the trends for sash windows over the 20th Century, from using spirals instead of cords and weights in the 1920s and 1930s to the introduction of double glazing.

The Difference Between Sash Windows and Casement Windows

This article analyses the differences between sliding sash windows and casement windows.  It also looks at the difference between single hung and double hung sash windows.

We often receive enquiries from customers who are unsure what type of windows they have in their property or the benefits for each type of window and this article looks to answer these questions.

Obtaining a quote

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