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Draught Proofing Timber Windows

Draught proof your timber windows and keep out the cold draughts.

Do you haveWhich? Trusted Trader a draught coming though your windows? You may be able to repair your existing windows rather than replace them.  The Sash Window Workshop’s draught proofing and overhaul service is designed to exclude draughts from your timber windows, helping reducing your heating bill while retaining the aesthetic character and charm of your home.

The Sash Window Workshop has been draught proofing traditional timber windows in London and Southern England since 1994. We have extensive experience working on a range of period properties, including Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian homes.

Casement Window and Sash Window Draught Proofing 

Draught proofing, also known as draught sealing, is the process of sealing the gaps around a timber casement or sash window without affecting the operation of the window.

The gaps around a typical single sash window can add up to the equivalent of 6 square inches. Our casement window and sash window draught proofing service helps reduce draughts, dust, dirt and noise are all stopped from flooding into your home.

Draught proofing also helps reduce heat loss, improving energy efficiency and saving money on your heating bills.

Obtain a quotation to draught proof your timber windows.

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Draught proofing wooden window London

Draught Proofing Sash Windows: London and the South

Established in 1994, we have 30 years experience draught proofing sash windows and casement windows in period properties across London and Southern England.

Some of the locations we have previously worked in include Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, Oxford, Wandsworth, Reading, Ascot, Camden, Guildford, Twickenham, St Albans, Kingston and Winchester.

Below is a video showing the process for our draught proofing and overhaul service on a timber sash window in Central London:

Improve Energy Efficiency with Draught Proofing Timber Windows

If your windows are draughty and rattling, The Sash Window Workshop’s draught proofing and overhaul service is designed to bring new life to any timber window, improving functionality, security and dramatically improving energy efficiency at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

This means that draught proofing can help reduce heating costs by helping retain the heat in your home, rather than it escaping out of the windows. With increasing energy prices, draught proofing windows is a simple way to help reduce your heating costs.

The cost to draught proof your windows will depend on the size of the window. However, unlike installing replacement timber windows, our draught proofing and overhaul service has a reduced rate of 5% VAT for homeowners.

If your windows are beyond repair, we also offer sash window replacement and casement window replacement services.