Draught proofing sash window repair

Timber Window Repairs

The Sash Window Workshop offers a range of repair services for timber sash windows and casement windows across London and Southern England

WeWhich? Trusted Trader tailor our solutions to suit your individual requirements, whether you need draught proofing and overhaul, new sashes installed into existing window frames or minor sash window repairs.

Our restoration and repair services include: installing new sashes into existing window frames, minor easing, draught proofing and adjustments, as part of our timber window draught proofing and overhaul service, and a minor window repair service.

It is important to inspect your timber windows regularly to check that they still work properly, do not need repairing and do not let in draughts. If you notice any problems, it is advisable to get them fixed before the situation escalates.

Refurbishment and Repair Benefits

Some of the benefits of the timber window refurbishment and repair services that we provide in London and the South include:

  • Stopping draughts
  • Stop windows rattling
  • Reduced external noise levels
  • Improved insulation and thermal efficiency
  • Reduced dirt and dust
  • Correctly hung windows that operate smoothly
  • Extended window life
  • Improved security
Repairing timber sash windows

By carrying out timber window repairs, the lifespan of your casement and sash windows is greatly extended. It is always worth seeing whether your windows can be repaired rather than replaced, as repairing your existing windows is not only cheaper, but also often results in less disruption to your home.

The Sash Window Workshop’s repair services are suitable for timber sash windows and casement windows.  If you own a listed building, existing timber windows can normally be draught sealed and overhauled without requiring planning permission.

Repair wooden windows

Repair Your Original Timber Windows

If your windows are draughty and letting the cold into your home, you may not need to replace them with new windows. Depending on the condition of the window, the original windows can often be draught proofed, or new sashes can be installed into the existing window boxes, without the whole window needing to be replaced.

Our timber window repair services are excellent quality and value, but we will only recommend them to you if we believe they represent a good long term investment. If your timber windows are beyond repair we will always recommend partial or complete window replacement. If you are unsure which service you require, our sales surveyors will be happy to advise you of the most appropriate service for your needs.

To view examples of our previous work, view our gallery pages.

Timber Window Repair Company: London and the South

Established in 1994, we have extensive experience working on properties across Greater London and the South of England, including homes in Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Sussex, Hertfordshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, Wiltshire, Kent, North London, West London, East London and South London.

If your windows are beyond repair, we also offer sash window replacement and casement window replacement services.