Thursday 09 February 2023

What wood should I use for our window frames?

When looking to replace your windows it is important to consider what timber you want.  Different timbers will have different properties meaning some will be more suited for certain applications than others.

While not as exposed to the elements as the window sashes are, window frames still need to be durable and stable to prevent issues caused from frames swelling and shrinking.

At The Sash Window Workshop, we use either Accoya or Tricoya for window frames.  For box sash windows that are more ‘standard’ we use Tricoya.  For more bespoke designs of sash windows, or for casement windows, we use Accoya as it allows for more flexible and bespoke designs of windows.

What is Tricoya?

Tricoya is an extremely durable product that is suitable for use in a wide range of exterior applications, including windows and doors.  It is designed not to warp or swell even when exposed to moisture or temperature changes and is resistant to fungal attack and mould.

Window sashes (the moving parts of the window)

The sashes, or moving parts of the window, will be exposed to the elements.  This means that it is important to choose a timber that is stable, durable and rot resistant.

The best timber for this is Accoya.  A sustainably sourced, modified timber, Accoya is designed to be long lasting.  Accoya has a 50 year anti-rot guarantee and is widely accepted as one of the best timbers for use on the external facing parts of windows and doors.

However, if you are looking for stained timber windows, instead of painted windows, you may prefer to use a timber like European Oak, due to the stronger grain.

What about non-external facing parts of the window?

With non-external facing timber you don’t need to worry about the timber being exposed to the UK weather.  This means that there is more flexibility in the types of timber that can be used as the weather is often the cause of many of the issues experienced with timber windows.

You will therefore normally be fine with choosing softwood, hardwood, or modified wood for this.

As a FSC certified company, for non-external facing timber we use a FSC certified wood like Tulipwood.

The Sash Window Workshop

If you are looking to replace your windows, we offer a free, no obligation quotation.  All our windows are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality specifications.  We offer an installation service across London and Southern England, with a supply only service nationwide.

To obtain a quotation, contact us today on 01344 868 668, or complete our online form, and one of our sales surveyors will be in contact with you in the next two working days to discuss further.

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