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We use a timber called Accoya as standard for all the new windows and doors that we manufacture.

Choosing the Best Timber

We consider a number of key factors when deciding what timber to use for our new windows and doors:

  • Durability, an essential quality
  • Straightness of the grain for stability
  • Texture (fine or coarse) – The finer the grain the easier to finish to a high standard
  • Availability – Supplies can vary
  • Sustainability – We are fully FSC® certified
  • Cost – Purchasing timber on the basis of cost is almost always a false economy
Why timber windows are best

Accoya Window and Door Approved Manufacturer

With the points above firmly in mind we make our timber windows and doors from Accoya or durable hardwood. These timbers are reasonably forgiving of any subsequent lack of maintenance or neglect and will last a lifetime and beyond.

We are proud to be an Accoya approved manufacturer, showing that we are trusted by the manufacturer of Accoya to make a high quality product that they would recommend.

Accoya is a sustainably sourced modified wood which is guaranteed against rot for 50 years.  Accoya is both extremely durable and stable, requiring minimum maintenance.

Watch the above video to view some of the benefits of Accoya.  Alternatively, you can download our Accoya Brochure.

Accoya approved manufacturer
Timber our wood

High Quality Timber

The quality of the timber we use and our joinery construction methods are of paramount importance to the lifespan of your product. We use both modern and traditional construction techniques to ensure the highest standard.  We also incorporate the very latest in window and door technology so as to ensure industry leading security, insulation, durability, finish and reliability.

In addition to Accoya’s 50 year anti-rot guarantee, our new joinery also comes with a 20 year guarantee (Accoya and hardwood only), and our complete new timber windows and doors conform to or exceed relevant building regulation requirements.

New timber doors and timber windows need to be re-painted, or even re-glazed over the years, but if the timber or joinery construction fails the windows or doors will often need replacing. It is therefore very important to use good quality timber which will last.

View our guide on identifying the right timber for your windows and doors.

FSC Certified Sustainable Timber

We are proud that all our timber is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.  The Forest Stewardship Council is an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.  The certification is internationally recognised as the benchmark for responsible forestry.  This means that you can be confident that our timber comes from sustainable forests and that our products comply with their high social and environmental standards.

In addition to using Accoya for external facing timber, for non-external facing timber we use other FSC certified wood, such as Tulipwood.  We also use Tricoya for our standard sized box frames.

View more information on how Accoya timber is made in the video below:

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