Friday 07 June 2013

Top tips for creating a playroom

It is more or less every child’s dream to have a whole room dedicated to just playing. Most of us weren’t lucky to enjoy this reality when we were young but that’s all the more reason why our little ones should get the chance.

If you’ve got a spare room or space in the house, why not think about turning it into a playroom? Creating your own playroom doesn’t need to be difficult or cost a fortune either, if you utilise the following advice.

Develop the space in three dimensions

Remember that play can go up as well as out. Kids do like to spread things out but create a platform out of cushions and a plastic or wooden surface and you can let them explore the play area. Safety is always key, however, so keep it within sensible limits.

Define the space with colour

Painting the walls with bright colours will define the space and won’t cost a fortune. Go for bright colours and patterns like stripes or spots. You could even go for a design theme, like a circus or the jungle. Use your imagination and you will inspire theirs.

Storage is key

Any parent knows that their kids like to get things out and play with them. This can get messy. You might have a dedicated playroom but having plenty of storage space to tidy it all away is definitely a good idea.

Create a soft area

All that playing might tire them out (with any luck) so have a soft area where they can nap or rest. Teddy bears and cushions in a pile will usually suffice.

Get the kids involved

This is their area so why not let them decide what it looks like. The rest of the house is yours to do with as you please so give the kids a say in how their room looks. Just make sure the area is comfortable and warm with draught proofing or sash window secondary glazing.