Tuesday 04 July 2023

Myth busting: do timber windows have a long lifespan?

Recent research from the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) highlighted that 70% of homeowners believe timber windows have a shorter lifespan than other materials (source).  However, this common belief is a misconception and simply isn’t true.

The exact lifespan of timber windows will depend on the type of timber used, how exposed the window is to the weather, and how well it is maintained.

However, by using a good quality timber and with regular maintenance there is no reason why your timber windows shouldn’t last at least 50 years.

With the average homeowner in England in 2021-2022 having lived in their property for 17.6 years and outright owners living at their property for an average of 24.5 years (source), a well maintained timber window should only require replacing once during the average person time living at the property.

With 31% of the 1,500 surveyed participants for the BWF research agreeing that lifespan is important when looking to replace windows (source), you may wonder how you can identify long lasting windows…

What is the best timber for longevity?

When looking for timber windows that are built to last, it is important to look for quality.  This does sometimes mean spending more money up front, but in the long-term it is often more cost effective to invest in high quality windows.

When looking for timber longevity, Accoya is a good choice.  Accoya is a modified wood which has undergone an acetylation process to improve its performance, ensuring it is built to last.

How can I ensure my timber windows will last?

Maintenance is a requirement for any window, no matter what material is used, to ensure that the window lasts as long as possible.  It is true that wooden windows will also require painting, but the cost to repair and maintain a wooden window will be a lot cheaper than replacing a plastic window.

How exposed your windows are, and the type of timber you have chosen, will make a difference to how often your windows need to be maintained.  For example, a window facing out onto the seafront will need more maintenance than a window in land and located under a porch.

Different timbers require different levels of maintenance.  Softwoods will generally require more maintenance than hardwoods.

Accoya is a low maintenance timber designed to last, with extended maintenance intervals.  This is due to its high stability, durability, and resistance to rot.  It even comes with a 50 year anti-rot guarantee.

Obtain a quote for high quality timber windows

At The Sash Window Workshop, we use Accoya as standard for our replacement windows.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing and installing high quality timber windows that are built to last.  This is reflected in the fact that over half our orders every year come from recommendations and previous customers.

One year after we carried out work for them, one of our customers, Mr Richards, commented:

“The product provided was exceptional.  It was fitted perfectly by a craftsman, is much more secure and still looks great a year later.  These guys aren’t cheap, but you absolutely get what you pay for.”

To obtain a quotation to replace your windows, speak to our team today on 01344 868 668.


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