Tuesday 26 September 2023

How to maximise natural light with timber sash windows

Natural light is the sunlight that enters a room through windows, without the need for additional artificial light.

Increasing the amount of natural light can make a big difference to your home and can even help improve your mood.

Increasing natural light in an extension or new build

If you are installing sash windows as part of a new build or extension, consider the size and location of the window.

South facing windows will let more light into the property.  Although you won’t be able to ensure all your windows are south facing, it is worth bearing this in mind when planning the location of your windows in a room which could have south facing windows.

Ensuring that the size of the timber window adequately reflects the size of the room will make a big difference.  While a smaller window may be appropriate for a small utility room, you will want larger windows in a living room or bedroom.
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But what if you are just replacing your existing windows?

The more glass in your new sash windows, the more natural light will come into your home.  One advantage of today’s timber windows is the option to have narrow glazing bars, with bonded bars able to be as thin as 16mm.  This allows you to have more glass in your windows without changing the size of the opening.

The choice of glass is very important when it comes to letting light into the property. Glass units don’t let 100% of light through, so try to choose a glass unit with maximum light transmission.

Painting your sash windows in a lighter colour internally can also help make the room feel lighter.

What else can you do to improve natural light?

In addition to looking at the sash windows themselves, it is also worth considering the type of window treatment.  Although helpful to improve energy efficiency, heavy curtains can block light so use tie backs to hold them away from the window during the day.

The layout of the room can also make a difference.  Having large furniture in front of a window can cast shadows and reduce the amount of light able to come into the property.

Keeping your sash windows clean can also make a big difference.  A dirty window will prevent light from coming into the property.

Finally consider the location of your plants outside.  Large plants or trees can block the sunlight, reducing the amount of natural light in your home.

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