Thursday 06 June 2019

Watch Our New Sashes into Existing Window Frames Video

Unsure what to expect when replacing the sashes (the moving parts of your window) while retaining the existing window frames? Our new video shows you the process from start to finish, allowing our customers to fully understand the service they are having on their windows.

At The Sash Window Workshop we specialise in the manufacture, installation and repair of timber windows and doors in period properties across London and the South of England. All our new joinery is bespoke, manufactured in our Berkshire workshop by our skilled craftsmen.

We are proud to offer our customers outstanding customer service, reflected by our Which? Trusted Trader membership and our 5 star Trustpilot rating.

Installing new sashes into existing window frames is a popular service choice amongst our customers.

Window frames often last longer than the moving parts of the window, as they are less exposed to the outside elements. This means that you can save money and reduce the disruption to your home, when compared to installing complete new timber windows (including the window frame).

Installing New Sashes: What to Expect

When the installer arrives they will lay dust sheets on the floor and on nearby furniture, to help protect your home while work is being carried out.

As shown in the video above, once this has been done, the initial installation process involves removing the existing sashes, and if the window is cord hung, the cords and the lead weights are also removed. These are taken down to our vans to be dismantled and environmentally disposed of at our workshop.

The window frame is then smoothed down and touched up with paint. As the installers carry out the work, they will also look to vacuum up any dirt or dust. Once the paint has dried, the new sashes are tested for ease of movement in the existing frames. If necessary, minor adjustments are made to the sashes to allow for easier movement. Any adjustments that are required, and which leave bare wood, are then painted.

If the window is cord hung, new cords and weights are installed in the window frame. The new sash is then attached to the cords to allow it to hang in place.

Measurements are then taken for the staff bead, which is then cut to size before being nailed in place.  A draught seal strip is also placed at the bottom of the top sash, where it meets the lower sash.

If rola locks are being installed in the window, holes are drilled into the top sashes for the locks to go into.

The same process is then repeated with the lower sash, before it is attached to the cords and hung in place.

The sashes are then checked to ensure that they open and close smoothly before final touches are made and the sash lifts and fitch catch are installed.

Finally, the area surrounding the window is cleaned, dust sheets are removed and, if possible, the installer will show you the finished window to check that you are happy.

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New sashes into the existing frame

Installing new sashes what to expect

new sashes installed