Monday 28 November 2016

Traditional Timber Windows and Doors: The Unique Challenges for Period Properties

If you own a period property, you will be aware that they present their own unique challenges in comparison to modern new builds.

When period properties were built items like the windows and doors were often made by joiners for the building and not made in bulk by machines. Therefore, unlike modern properties, traditional timber windows and doors in period properties were not built to a standard size. Instead each window and door in a period property is bespoke.

In some properties, the windows in the same property are even different dimensions and styles.

The downside of this is that you often can’t buy ‘off-the-shelf’ replacements. However, it’s these unique features that help contribute to the character and charm of many period homes.

When carrying out any repair work or replacing your traditional timber windows and doors, make sure that the work is carried out by a professional with experience working on period homes. Due to the bespoke nature of traditional timber windows and doors, higher attention to detail is required when working on them.

As your traditional timber window or door may have been originally installed over 100 years ago, it is important to check that they are in a good condition regularly and contact a professional if you notice any issues arising, such as rotten wood or problems operating the windows or doors.

With the right level of care and attention, these windows were made to last a lifetime. Therefore, if issues are identified and dealt with quickly, the windows and doors can often be repaired rather than requiring replacement.

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