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The Sash Window Workshop’s Longstanding Employees: Sales Team

We are proud to have several employees who have worked at The Sash Window Workshop for over half of our 30 years in business.

In this series of articles, we will be speaking to several of our employees who have been at the company for over 15 years, some of whom have worked in various roles within the business, about what has changed since they began working for The Sash Window Workshop.  We start the series by speaking to Ronan, who works in our sales department.

Ronan – Sales Surveyor

Ronan has worked for The Sash Window Workshop for 24 years and has had several roles at the company over the years, working in multiple departments.

When he started there were only three people working in admin roles at the office.  Today there are around fifteen admin office employees. The workshop has also quadrupled in size and the sales team are seeing about ten times as many customers as they used to.

What has been the biggest change in the company since you started?

The technology. When I started the company used a paper system. Quotes were written on A3 carbon copy pads. The windows or doors would have to be hand drawn by the salesperson and they would have to write out all the detail onto the quote. This meant that handwriting and attention to detail were incredibly important, as there wasn’t technology to check for human error.

To track jobs through production and installation, there was a wall which had different employees’ names on it and t-cards, with the customer job reference, would be moved manually to show where everything currently was and who was meant to be fitting the work.  This made it a lot harder to manage than today where everything is organised on computers.

However, although the way we do business has changed and the company has grown substantially, the essence of the product and company has remained relatively similar to how it was 24 years ago.

What other roles have you had at The Sash Window Workshop? 

I came to The Sash Window Workshop with experience in hotel management! I had recently moved to Bracknell, and I was looking for a new job. I knew someone who worked at The Sash Window Workshop, and they told me that the company were looking for someone to help work at an exhibition stand for two weeks, so I decided to put myself forward for this while still looking for other jobs.

At the end of the two weeks, I was still looking for a job, so I asked about any roles they had going, and, after a quick interview, I started working as a bought ledger clerk. This meant that I was inputting invoices, answering phones, and writing out the enquiries, which were then faxed to the appropriate salesperson. This started as a temporary role before later leading to a permanent role.

I then became the sales assistant for the company, where I processed orders, before moving into the installations department, where I was responsible for booking installations and helping to deal with any issues.

I then moved into the survey office, where I was the survey manager, before switching roles again to become a sales surveyor.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy the variety of the role, being able to meet customers and seeing different places. I also really enjoy the technical and design elements and being able to utilise the experience that I have from working in all the different departments to deliver a high-quality product and service.

The Sash Window Workshop employees at Lords event

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