Thursday 09 January 2014

The advantages of installing custom-built timber doors

If you are planning a complete an overhaul of your home you may also be considering trading up some of the existing features in your home for something that better reflects your individual tastes. From a new bathroom suite, to removing aged carpets to reveal original wooden flooring, there are a number of ways that you can refresh the look of your home.

Your doors may also be on your renovation to-do list and if you really want to personalise the look of your home you may want to opt for a custom design. Here are just some of the advantages that custom-built timber doors can bring to your home and refurbishment project.

Meeting your needs exactly

If your sense of interior style has become well-honed over the years then you will want to ensure that your vision for your timber French door is matched exactly. With a custom-built timber French door you can outline your exact specifications, including glazing and size dimensions, to create a timber French door style you are completely happy with.

Key selling feature

Your neighbourhood will no doubt be filled with properties that boast a number of similar features. Custom-built timber doors and other bespoke features can help your home to stand out from the crowd. This will mean that when you do come to selling your home buyers may be more likely to feel that your property has the added ‘wow’ factor.

Time saving

With a multitude of tasks to complete before you are completely happy with your renovation, making the best use of your time is absolutely crucial. Instead of going from place to place trying to find a door that matches the image in your head, firms offering custom-built timber door service will mean that you will only need to make one stop to find the timber door of your dreams.

Ultimately, interior design tastes vary from person to person and custom design gives all members of a household the opportunity to get exactly what they want.