Monday 18 March 2013

Simple ways to introduce colour into your home

Introducing colour into your home can be a simple way to brighten up the look of your property, and this can be achieved while complementing the existing design scheme in your home. Here’s how:

Use a large painting to inspire the colour of your feature wall

A large framed print of a painting by artists ranging anywhere from Van Gogh to Andy Warhol can act as inspiration for the colour on your feature wall. As an example, Van Gogh’s Irises uses blue and green hues which can be replicated on your walls in terms of the paint used and any other accessories placed on the same stretch of wall.

Painting window frames

Painting the window frames can help to create a focal point in your room. This can be further emphasised by using window shades or blinds in complementary or contrasting colours.

If you have box sash windows or any other form of traditional window you may first want to consider how this affects the character of your home.

Add a rug

Adding an Oriental rug or a Pop Art which features colours from a room’s existing scheme can help to add a touch of colour to tie a room together.

Using a contrasting texture for your rug can also help to add another dimension to your room.

Experiment in a smaller space

If you want to experiment with colour, but are afraid of getting things wrong in one of your main rooms, why not try adding colour to a spare room or utility room.

If the colours work, you can then transfer it to other parts of your home.

Introduce new colours that are close to your existing palettes

Instead of opting for bright colours, if you have always been a fan of neutrals why not opt for a series of different shades of an existing colour. As an example, green can come in shades including forest green, apple green and mint green.