Wednesday 06 June 2012

Making and Fitting the Best Front Doors

Making and fitting bespoke timber front doors to grace a beautiful home is the most difficult work we do here at The Sash Window Workshop. It’s not for nothing they have to come at a premium price.

They demand massive attention to detail through the process from sale through manufacturing to installation. Our clients have exacting standards and must have their doors both aesthetically pleasing but at the same time hard wearing and functional. A front door is under the spotlight every day, consequently it must be exactly right in all respects. Customers’ individual requirements, for design, paint finish, glass and furniture all have to be fully understood; all the measurements have to exact and all the detail double checked by our manufacturing surveyors.

There are always questions to be answered and changes to be made in consultation with the client. Manufacture of these specialist doors can often be extremely complicated; craftsmanship really comes to the fore to deliver an outstanding product.

Finally installation: this is carried out by The Sash Window Workshop’s expert fitters, to avoid errors or damage on installation of such a high profile and bespoke item. We understand that the finest front door can easily be ruined by a poor installation. For a free no obligation quote for a front door, back door, sliding door set, French doors or windows, contact our experts on: 01344 868 668.

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