Monday 01 February 2016

Listed Property and Conservation Area Guide Launched

There are a number of restrictions and limitations placed on customers living in listed properties and conservation areas.

At The Sash Window Workshop we have worked alongside a number of homeowners and commercial clients to refurbish their timber windows and doors, while conforming with listed property and conservation area restrictions.

Using our extensive experience of working within these restrictions, we have created a Listed Property and Conservation Area Guide, to help advise potential customers on the restrictions and limitations which may be placed on them, with regards to work on their timber windows and doors, when living in a listed building or conservation area.

We will do everything we can to guide you correctly and assist with any required application where we can, including supplying technical drawings of proposed windows and doors to support an application once an order has been committed to us.

If there is any doubt about the need for planning we always recommend that you speak with your council directly.

If you have any additional questions regarding timber windows and doors in listed buildings and conservation areas, or would like to obtain a free, no obligation quotation, please contact us on: 01344 868668.

Download the Listed Property and Conservation Area Guide