Thursday 23 January 2014

How to find your perfect period property

There are a wealth of period properties on the market, but finding one that ticks all the boxes in the area that you want may feel like an uphill struggle. You know you want a historic home with traditional features such as timber Georgian front doors and sash windows but the question is… how and where are you going to find it?

Below are some top tips that should help you on the way to locating the period property of your dreams.

Go specialist

While a quick internet search is all you may need to throw up a number of homes on the market, of varying styles, you may want to narrow down your search by visiting a specialist website. As an example the homes section of periodproperty.co.uk exclusively lists period properties, so there is no need to rifle through a succession of modern flats and new build houses to get to the property you want.

Narrow down you search area

Whether you go ecstatic over the mere mention of Edwardian properties or go gaga for homes from the Georgian era is it important to find out which streets in your desired area have the highest concentration of properties from this period. You may also want to visit local libraries, historical societies or even have a quick chat to the locals to find out which postcodes equal period property in your desired location.

Be open to other options rather than buying

You don’t always need to buy a period property to enjoy the benefits of living in one. As well as the option of renting, you may want to consider the option of becoming a property Guardian. Organisations as Camelot Europe will allow you to live in unoccupied properties, some of which are period homes, for a small weekly rent as a property Guardian. The National Trust also rents out some of its properties, and both options could give you the chance to try living in a period home before you buy.