Tuesday 03 December 2013

How do I prepare my hardwood front doors for staining?

Staining your hardwood front doors is important to ensure that they are protected against the elements and can take pride of place on the exterior of your home for many years to come. However, before you get down to the work of applying stain to your doors, it is important to do some prep work first. Here are some of the key steps you need to take pre-staining.

Choose your wood stain carefully

The majority of wood stain treatments are flammable and/or toxic so it is important to observe manufacturer guidelines and ensure that the space you are working in is well ventilated. It is also essential to remember that you cannot use an interior wood stain on an external door and vice versa. Exterior wood stains should be ‘high build’.

Your door is also likely to have been treated in some way by the manufacturer, so check with them first to determine what additional coatings of stain you’ll need, if any.

Ensure that the conditions are right

Before staining your hardwood front doors it is important to ensure that you have enough time to do the job correctly. It is best to stain your doors when weather conditions are fine, and to ensure that you have the space to concentrate on full manufacturer guidelines relating to the right base coat preservative and more.

Clean, clean, clean

To ensure that the door surface is ready for staining, use cellulose thinner or white spirit to wipe surfaces down and remove all traces of grease and dust. Then use a clean cloth to rub down the door for a second time. You may also want to use the small nozzle attached to your vacuum cleaner to run over the surface of your door to ensure that any unseen dirt is removed.

Prime time

Before staining, apply two coats of primer or clear base stain to your hardwood front doors, following manufacturer guidelines to ensure that the job is done properly.