Tuesday 05 February 2013

Georgian interior design: A brief guide

The Georgian period (1714 – 1837) was characterised by a number of architectural and design influences across the globe spanning from Europe to Asia, creating a heady mix of ornate design styles.

Key design features of Georgian homes included intricate ceiling moulds, sash windows and shutters, classical figures, urns and stone/marble floors.

Here is a brief guide to Georgian interiors for fans of period properties:

Georgian Influences

The popularity of Grand Tours amongst the young Georgian aristocracy meant that architecture in the 18th century experimented with exotic styles such as Gothic, Egyptian and Chinese as well as the classic design features of ancient Rome and Greece.

The styling and symmetry of classical temple architecture also made the Palladian style popular.

Georgian Home Design: Windows and Doors

Georgian homes would typically be constructed in stone or brick, as well as slate roofs, with steps leading up to a Georgian Front door with a semi-circular fanlight complete with pediments and a canopy.

The tallest sash windows in Georgian townhouses would often be on the first floors, while the shortest Georgian sash windows would be on the top floor. All the windows would normally have shutters.

Colours and Patterns

Early Georgian paints were also influenced by bold baroque colours such as burgundy and sage green.

Repeating pattern wallpapers such as chinoiserie and trefoils were also common.

Georgian Flooring

Marble and stone flooring certainly tied in nicely with the extravagance of the Georgian period. However, if you have original wooden floorboards in your home, adding an Oriental rug could help to add an opulent touch to your flooring, while still staying true to Georgian interiors.

There are a number of other tips available for restoring period properties generally, many of which are considerably simpler than you may have initially thought.

Traditional sash windows

Georgian style timber sash windows

6 over 6 Georgian sash window