Friday 24 September 2021

FSC Friday: Sustainability and Timber Windows

As part of FSC Friday, which is being marked today (24th September 2021), we look at how you can ensure your replacement sash windows or casement windows are sustainable.

With growing attention on climate change and the importance of being environmentally friendly, you may be wondering what the best, environmentally friendly options are for replacing your windows.

Maybe you want to invest in beautiful timber windows but are concerned about the forests being cut down to provide the timber.  This is where FSC certification can help.  The FSC logo confirms that the materials have been sourced in a sustainable way that helps the environment.

For timber windows this means that the timber has been sourced from sustainable forests, where trees that are harvested are either replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.

In fact, in order to be given FSC certification, a forest must be managed in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable manner, helping to protect rare animals and plants and the sacred sites of indigenous people.

In comparison, plastic windows are non-biodegradable and normally thrown in landfill.  The manufacturing process is also less environmentally friendly for plastic windows.  For every wooden window you install instead of a plastic window, you save around 160kgs of carbon dioxide.  This means that timber windows, made using FSC certified wood, are the most sustainable and the greenest choice.

At The Sash Window Workshop we are proud to have be celebrating 5 years of being FSC certified this year, manufacturing and installing FSC certified wooden windows and doors.  To obtain a quotation to replace or repair your windows and doors, contact us today on 01344 868 668.

We understand the importance of doing our bit to help the environment.  We have invested in technology to reduce our paper usage, assessed our carbon footprint and ensure that any waste is disposed of in the most environmentally efficient way possible.  We are also gradually replacing our car fleet with electric vehicles, with charging points for electric vehicles at our workshop.

For further information on how we aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible, view our Environment and Sustainability policy.

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