Monday 13 May 2013

Design ideas that bring the outside in

Summer is always the designer’s favourite season, as it brings light and a fresh new set of design ideas. One of the recurring themes of summer design is bringing the outside in. There are a number of key ways that you can do this and it will usually really brighten up your living space and add a touch of natural design flair.


Is there a more natural design material than wood? If you have any wooden features in your home then why not make the most of them by stripping back to the bare wood? Doors, skirting boards and floors all exude warmth when displayed in their original wood finish. The same is true for wooden windows and Bi-Fold timber doors. A natural wood finish brings the best of the outside into the living room and creates a bold and welcoming design feature.

Plants and flowers

With a touch of greenery and colour from flowers you can add natural charm to any room. Large plants create a bold statement and draw the eye while flowers can be used to dramatic effect as a centrepiece on the coffee table or on any window ledge. Flowering plants like orchids combine the best of both worlds and can add vibrant colour to even the most drab of living spaces, making it feel like a whole new room.

Floral prints and patterns

If you can’t bring any of the outside in with natural materials, then why not replicate it with floral prints and patterns? A feature wall is a great idea to create a design theme, which you can carry on with cushions and other fabrics in the room. Bright and bold colours are always a good idea in the summer and will echo the blooming hopefully happening in the garden and green spaces nearby.

Why not try and add a touch of the outside on your inside this summer and bring the beautiful season indoors?