Thursday 16 April 2015

Creating your Ideal Country Kitchen

In many homes, the kitchen is the real heart of the house. It is the hub around which everything else revolves, so it is important that it is both a homely and practical space.

Country kitchens have always been popular because of their warm and welcoming feel. It’s a traditional design in the room of the house where it is perhaps most suitable. The classic English country kitchen is characterised by warm wood surfaces, rugged charm and unique character. No two are ever the same as they rely so much on the style of the occupants but there are a few tips to help you achieve the classic country kitchen appeal.


No real country kitchen is complete without a range. These impressive ranges are great for cooking and for heating the whole house. They have a really classic and traditional design, which makes them perfect for the country kitchen. Cast iron and enamel are both stylish and practical and come in a variety of colours to suit your design needs.

Choose the right wood

Oak is the obvious choice but it doesn’t always have to be the case. Complement the woodwork with some natural stone floors and granite surfaces and you can create a really warm and organic feel in the kitchen.

Restore original features

If there are any original features in the kitchen then restore and use them. Timber door frames, sash windows or exposed woodwork is always a great look for a country kitchen. Turn any beams into a feature and make the most of light and space.


Pendant lights are currently very popular in the kitchen, allowing you to pinpoint exact points in the kitchen that you can light up. They are also a great way to spotlight work surfaces and eating areas, while keeping control of the light in the rest of the room.

Create an eating area

Create space for dining too. Bake and cook in the range and then serve straight onto the table. There is no need to bother with dining rooms and formalities; this is traditional living at its best.

Why not choose to have a shared table and accompanying benches? Normally made from timber, these tables tie in perfectly with the country Kitchen look.

Make the most of windows

If you have windows in the kitchen, sometimes you will need to maximise the light that comes in from them. Use bamboo blinds or other lightweight materials to only block a minimal amount of light from the window.

French doors

Doors that open out from the kitchen to outside spaces allow you to bring the outside in on hot days. There’s nothing better than throwing open the French doors and letting the warm, sunny air in.

The Sash Window Workshop can help manufacture and install new timber French doors as part of your kitchen refurbishment. To find out more, or obtain a free quotation, contact us on: 01344 868668.