Wednesday 21 August 2013

Creating your dream period bathroom

Period design features can extend to every corner of your home and that includes the family bathroom.  Contrary to popular belief, creating a Victorian or Edwardian-style bathroom doesn’t mean doing away with the modern design features we have come to know and love, such as relinquishing the joys of a power shower.  Instead period features can sit happily side by side with a few of the best 21st century innovations.

The bathroom is one of the most commonly used rooms in a household and whilst it’s probably the most practical necessity in terms of all the rooms, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort to make it as stylish as possible.

Here are some easy steps to creating your dream period bathroom:


Freestanding baths with claw feet are an ‘absolute must’ for Victorian-style bathrooms, while those who are prepared to blow the budget in an attempt to create an authentic period look can also opt for cast-iron slipper baths.

Hammered Gold or Bronze colours for the exterior of your bath will add a luxe touch to your bathroom, but acrylic is also available as a more affordable option.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and be bright with your bathroom. A bright blue curtain or another block colour curtain by the bath could work well along with some subtle wooden features, such as a slatted bench.

A cute bench by the bath could be perfect for parents washing their youngsters in the bath.


Again those looking to invoke the spirit of Victorian in all its glory could opt for a toilet with a high level cistern unit.  Alternatively, buying the toilet pan, cistern basin and pedestal as a four-piece suite could help you to make savings.  As a final option you could fit a modern toilet, allowing the rest of the period features in your bathroom to shine in their own right.


Although expensive, stand-mounted basins, where a frame supports a stunning large basin, definitely stay true to period interior design. A traditional pedestal mounted basin, which doesn’t stray too far from something you may already find in an everyday bathroom, is also a good option.


There are a number of bath and basin taps on the market in a traditional style that are available on the market, and you could combine a large chrome bath mixer with a shower handset if you have a free-standing bath.

Walls and floors

Checkerboard tile designs are perfect for Victorian and Edwardian bathrooms, and can be relatively inexpensive. Exposed original wooden flooring restored to their former glory will also look impressive in your period bathroom.

Bathrooms are typically smaller than most rooms in the house and having an entire wall in one particularly bold colour could be overbearing.  It might be worth considering purchasing a statement furniture piece or a collection of bold coloured accessories.


A large dose of natural light through casement windows or Victorian box sash windows could really brighten up your bathroom.

The wooden window draught proofing service from The Sash Window Workshop means that you can make sure that you keep a large degree of heat in your bathroom at all times.

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