Wednesday 11 October 2017

Creating the perfect study room or office for your home

With large numbers of people spending more time working from home, you may be wondering how to create the perfect study or office for your home.

When designing your study room or office, it is important to consider your personal requirements and what works best for you when working or studying.

Some people will find they need a clutter free, quiet room, whereas others may prefer to be surrounded by items that inspire them and have background music.

Consider the size of the room and whether you are looking to create a traditional period style room or a more modern feel.

Office Desk

When deciding on a desk for your home, consider what you require. Do you need drawers or are you looking for a wall mounted desk?

Consider whether a wooden desk would look good in your period home. If you have a larger room, a dark wooden desk can often suit a period property, working well with other period features. However, if the room is small you will probably want to keep the room looking light to make it feel larger, meaning that a light painted desk may look better.

Think about where you want to position the desk. This is important as it needs to have a view that can motivate you to study or work while not distracting you.

Home Office Seating

It is important to ensure that the seating is right for you, allowing you to work comfortably at the desk. This may mean having a comfortable chair, rather than a standard office chair.

If your office or study room has a bay window, why not add a window seat to provide you with more comfortable, alternative seating where you can relax and study at the same time?

Natural Light

It is important to ensure that you get as much natural light as possible in an office or study room. In fact, a study (source) found that 40% of workplaces with good levels of natural light had a 3 – 40% increase in productivity and sales. Other studies have also found that exposure to natural light reduced sick leave and helped make workers more creative.

You also don’t want to be sat in a room in the middle of winter, working or studying, with a cold draught coming in through the windows. It is therefore important to ensure that your windows are in a good condition and have been draught proofed.

If you find yourself looking out on windows that need repairing or replacing, call The Sash Window Workshop for a free, no obligation quotation on: 01344 868 668.

Walls / Shelving for your Study

Depending on your personality and requirements you may wish to use the walls in your study for storage space and shelving. This can then be used to store items required for your work or study alongside ornaments and photos.

Alternatively, you may wish to hang an inspirational picture against a plain white wall or have a pin board to pin ideas and images to. It is important to personalise the walls in your study room to ensure that they work for you.

French Doors

If you are lucky enough to have a larger study room, why not consider installing timber French doors that you can open up into the garden during the summer months? This will allow you to let fresh air circulate throughout the room in the summer and to enjoy the warmer weather while working or studying.

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