Wednesday 14 June 2017

Creating the Perfect Dining Room for your Period Home

A dining room should be a place where family and friends can gather around a table with some good food, drink and conversation.

In the Middle Ages, the upper class and nobility would dine in great halls, often on a different floor level to the kitchen. Today, the dining room is still an important part of modern day living, although it is normally located next to the kitchen.

When designing the perfect dining room for your period property, it is important to consider the style of your property – what might look good in a large Georgian mansion is likely to be different from what would look good in a small Victorian terrace.


Wooden floors are often popular in dining rooms, giving a traditional, warm and inviting feel to the room. However, wooden floors will amplify any noise in the room, meaning you may want to consider having a rug under the table.


A statement table and chairs will help make an impression in your dining room. Whether you like the traditional farmhouse feel, a striking dark wood antique, or a more modern table and chair set, you can then use the style of your table and chairs to help design your perfect dining room.


Depending on the size of your dining room, light colours are often popular to contrast against a darker, wooden floor.

However, if you have a larger dining room with plenty of access to natural light, don’t be afraid to offset lighter areas of the room with dark or bold colours. Strong reds are very well suited to dining rooms because they add drama and weight, producing stimulating, powerful rooms that grab your attention.

Lighting and Windows

Make the most of natural light where you can and ensure that your timber windows are draught proofed and in a good condition to keep your home feeling warm and welcoming. If you windows are in need of repair, contact a timber window specialist who can advise the best solution for your windows.

Opulent floor length curtains, like the ones surrounding the sash windows in the above image, can create a sense of luxury while also helping create a feeling of warmth and intimacy during the colder, winter months. Shutters can help create a feeling of privacy and may suit a more modern style dining room.

For evening entertainment, ensure that there are plenty of candles and lights to create a relaxing ambience. If you have a larger dining room, you may wish to consider a chandelier, helping create a luxurious feel.