Friday 14 June 2013

Choosing the right windows and doors for a period home

If you have a period property, it’s important to retain the period charm with the right windows, doors and other features. In some cases you may even be obliged to do so as part of planning, conservation or listed building regulations.

If you want to replace sash windows, it’s never a good idea to scrimp on the quality. High quality windows and doors, installed by specialists, will last a lifetime; poor quality will last a few years at best. With windows especially, the quality of wood and craftsmanship is very important. While there are some ready-made pieces that can aid installation, the best way is still to have them made and fitted by hand, by a trained sash window specialist. Glazing can be replaced relatively easily but window frames and bases are much more difficult to replace. That’s why it is always worth paying for quality.

When choosing new windows for your period property, it is important to pick a suitable style. If you are replacing original timber windows, it’s always a good idea to replace like with like. If you are restoring your windows it might require some research as to the type of wooden windows the building was originally designed to accommodate.

Of course, modern windows are expected to have a better performance than old windows. Modern windows can be stylish, whilst not compromising on performance. Modern sash windows can also be manufactured to A standard, according to the BFRC’s Window Energy Rating Standard.

Installation is also very important. Even the very best windows and doors can be let down by poor installation. That’s why it always pays to choose experts in the field to fit windows and doors. It’s a good idea to choose a company that offers a warranty on product and work, so that you are covered.

Companies that take pride in their work will have no qualms about offering lengthy warranties to reflect the high standard of their installations.