Tuesday 20 March 2018

Add Character to your Home with Timber Windows and Doors

One of the benefits of owning a period property is the unique history and character that your home has. Unlike modern properties period homes were not made to standard specifications, with items such as the windows and doors being made to fit the house’s specific specification.

By preserving the period features of your home or replacing them with like-for-like replacements you can retain both your home’s character and the value of your property.

Made to Measure Windows and Doors

Period appropriate windows and doors cannot be bought off the shelf. Traditional timber windows and doors need to be made to measure and installed by a company that understands working in period properties and the unique requirements that they have.

Don’t be tempted to settle for cheaper poor quality or unsympathetic windows, as these can drastically reduce the value of your property – we are often contacted by people who are buying a new home and would like a budget price to replace poor quality or unsympathetic windows, so they can negotiate money off the purchase price of the property.

Attention to Detail

In some period houses each window or door may be a slightly different size. It is therefore very important that there is a high level of attention to detail when surveying the windows.

At The Sash Window Workshop we will always conduct two surveys before replacing windows and doors (one when we initially quote and one before we start manufacturing) to ensure that the measurements are correct.

All our windows and doors are bespoke and designed to add character and charm to your home, while benefiting from modern day technology like double glazing. If your property is listed, we can manufacture windows to meet listed building requirements and, if required, install single glazed windows.

To obtain a free, no obligation site survey and quotation to repair or replace your windows and doors, contact The Sash Window Workshop on: 01344 868 668.