Saturday 01 September 2012

Accoya Conference Comes to The Sash Window Workshop

The Sash Window Workshop welcomed industry professionals attending the Accoya Conference to our workshop in Bracknell this morning. Braving the brisk autumnal weather and the morning M4 traffic, over 60 conference attendees arrived by coach to be given a talk by Richard Dollar, and then be shown around our workshop.

We are delighted to have been offered this opportunity to show Accoya Conference attendees how we work. We believe that showing our potential customers our manufacturing process underlines the fact we work with materials of the highest quality and specification. We very much hope that our visitors this morning gained knowledge and understanding of our product choices and company ethos through their visit.

The Sash Window Workshop prides itself on using the highest quality materials, and the most skilled and experienced joiners, painters, glass experts, and fitters to provide a full and unrivalled service for our customers. We have a long standing relationship with Accoya, and have found that it provides our windows and doors with a high quality finish and is a fantastic blank canvas for all the paint options that we offer our customers.

We believe our morning to have been a success and really look forward to welcoming more visitors to our workshop in the future.

The Sash Window Workshop operates across London and the South of England, providing our customers with the best quality customer service and most appropriate solutions for your timber windows and doors. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you think we could be of any help to you and your house!

Call us on 01344 868668 to make an enquiry or arrange a time to come look around our workshop in Bracknell.