Friday 04 January 2013

A Room with View: How to achieve it

Helena Bonham Carter was forced to endure a stay in Florence in a room which famously did not have a view in a certain 1985 blockbuster. However, a bit of handiwork means homeowners won’t have to suffer the same fate off-screen.

Here are just a few ways to ensure that you can create a room with a view in next to no time:

Create an enviable vista

Even if your windows look out onto an uninspiring patch of land, there’s much that can be done to make sure your view is gaze-worthy. From re-paving your driveway to dotting a few potted plants in your front garden or adding a miniature water feature, a bit of carefully invested time will reap rewards.

Re-painting wrought iron gates or wooden fences can also help to smarten up your view. If some of your windows look onto a wall, there’s no need to despair, a spot of climbing ivy will help to inject some greenery into an otherwise dull space.

Wonderful windows

Cracking and plumbing plaster around windows is never a good look and rotting timber frames are a similar ‘no no’, when it comes to windows we’d be proud to show off to all and sundry. Repairing timber sash windows will work wonders when it comes to achieving the perfect view.

Although cleaning windows is a task that few people relish, a bit of elbow grease and a dash of vinegar is all that is needed to achieve a streak-free shine that will give us a chance to lock our eyes on a clear view ahead…according to a couple of old wives’ tales.

Choose the right location

Although our budgets normally dictate where we can afford to buy, whether we want to look out onto the hustle and bustle of the city or the rolling hills of the countryside, there is probably a location to suit that fits within our price range.