Wednesday 29 March 2017

5 Tips to Add Value to Your Period Property

When looking to add value to your period home, it is important to ensure that original features are retained, where possible, or replaced with like-for-like. If the originally features have been removed, you can often identify what should have been in your property by looking at other houses nearby.

Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian properties with period appropriate features often sell for more money than those without these features. However, it is important to remember that consumers will also place value on homes that are made more comfortable to live in by the benefits of modern technology, so it is advisable to cater for both of these requirements where possible.

If you own a listed building or a building within a conservation area, check what alterations are acceptable and whether you require planning permission for the work before proceeding.

Timber Windows

If you have original windows, it is always worth checking whether they can be repaired before replacing them. This will not only reduce cost, but will also minimise disruption and retain the heritage of the building.

If you do need to replace your windows, be sure to install windows that are suitable for the period of the property. The cost of buying high quality plastic windows is often a similar amount to buying high quality timber windows, but plastic windows will drastically reduce the value of your period property. Timber windows are also likely to last longer, assuming they are properly maintained.

Although traditionally period properties would have had single glazed windows, double glazed sash windows are likely to add value to your home, as they will help make your property more energy efficient and more comfortable to live in.

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With central heating initially only being a luxury, many period homes would have only been heated by fireplaces. However, similar to double glazing, central heating is likely to add value to your home as it improves the comfort of the property.

Installing traditional cast iron radiators will not only suit a period property better than the modern alternatives, but can also hold heat for longer. Unlike modern radiators, the Victorian radiator was often seen as a decorative item that could transform the way a room looks.

Period Fireplaces

Even if your home has central heating, period fireplaces are a popular way to add value to your period home. If you are lucky enough to still have the original fireplace it is worth seeing if it can be repaired. If you no longer have an original fireplace, you can purchase an authentic period fireplace that suits your home from specialists across the country.

Traditional Front Door

Similar to how period appropriate windows can add value; a traditional timber door can also add value to your property. A good quality, timber Front door can improve the kerb appeal of your home, increasing saleability. Ensuring the door is draught proofed, has high quality, secure locks and a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference to the value of your home for not too high a cost.

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External Floor Tiles

Victorian and Edwardian homes typically had geometric floor tiles at the front of the property leading up to the Front door. These were installed to improve the kerb appeal of the property and highlight the owner’s wealth. If you own a Victorian or Edwardian property with external floor tiles, check the condition of your floor tiles and whether there are any missing or damaged tiles. Ensuring all the tiles are in a good condition will help improve the first impressions of your home and the value of the property.

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