Wednesday 03 June 2020

The Sash Window Workshop: Improving Our Environmental Sustainability

At The Sash Window Workshop we have always been very conscious of our effect on the environment.

In 2016 we received FSC Chain of Custody Certification, and in recent years we have invested further in technology to reduce the amount of paper we use as a business.

By manufacturing all our windows and doors in sustainable wood, we use the most sustainable and the greenest choice of any window material. For every timber window that you install, instead of a plastic window, you will save approximately 160kgs of carbon dioxide.

When disposing of waste, we are also aware of the importance of being as environmentally friendly, recycling where possible and using timber shavings and dust waste from the workshop to produce heating for our factory and office.

As part of our continued steps to improve our environmental credentials, we have undertaken an independently verified assessment of our carbon footprint. This assessed our business operations, including our vehicle emissions and electricity usage, from 2019 and the resulting carbon emissions.

The results of this highlighted that our total carbon emissions for 2019 were 354.36 tonnes. Within this figure, the majority of our carbon emissions came from our vans (34.1%).

From this, alongside Carbon Footprint who carried out the assessment, we will be looking at how we can reduce our carbon footprint, setting goals for the reduction of our carbon emissions. We will continue to carry out independent yearly reviews to monitor our success.

Some of the changes we are looking to make include investigating options for more electric and hybrid vehicles for company cars and, when the technology has improved to allow it, choosing electric or hybrid company vans. We are also aiming to reduce our electricity usage throughout the company.

To find out more about our efforts to be an environmentally friendly, sustainable business, read our environmental and sustainability policy.

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