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Replacing Edwardian Timber Windows

The Edwardian period started in 1901, although there is debate on when the period finishes. The Edwardian era was a period of revivalism, mixing and matching from many different architectural influences and periods.

The underlying themes of buildings in the Edwardian era were for expensive simplicity, space and light with less clutter than in the Victorian era.

Edwardian Wooden Windows – A History

Sash windows were still popular in the Edwardian period, although side hinged timber casement windows also became increasingly popular during the period. Edwardian casement windows were often filled with floral patterns in coloured glass.

However, unlike the other periods, timber sash windows often had glazing bars separating the glass in the upper section, while the bottom section of the window was often left as a single pane.

Where to find Edwardian Properties

Examples of Edwardian properties can be found across the UK, with Edwardian homes common in Putney (SW15), Brentham Garden Suburb in Ealing (W5), and the South East London.

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park in Knightsbridge, re-built at the start of the Edwardian era, and the London Palladium, built in 1910, are both examples of buildings built during the Edwardian era, demonstrating the wide range of styles during the period.

Edwardian Timber Window Specialists

At The Sash Window Workshop we have extensive experience replacing and draught proofing Edwardian timber windows. In addition to sash windows, we can also manufacture and install replacement Edwardian timber casement windows.

Unlike windows in new build properties today, all Edwardian windows were bespoke, designed for the specific property. Even within the same property, windows may be different sizes from each other. This means that when replacing the windows paying a high level of attention to detail is of vital importance.

All our replacement timber windows are manufactured in our workshop in Berkshire by our expert craftsmen. They are designed to add charm and character and to be in keeping with your home, while improving the energy efficiency. We can also comply with listed building and conservation area requirements, where required.

To obtain a free, no obligation quotation to replace or draught proof your Edwardian wooden windows, contact us today on: 01344 868 668.


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