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Choosing the right timber windows for your period property

When looking to replace your timber windows, it is important to ensure that you choose the right windows to fit with the period of your property. Retaining the character of period properties is a top priority for heritage homeowners and planning departments alike.

Installing period appropriate, timber windows can help retain the value of your property, alongside improving its kerb appeal.  It is also important to choose the right type of timber, for your new windows as this can make a big difference to the longevity and on-going maintenance required.

When looking to install period appropriate windows, the initial step is to find out what period your property fits within.

The design of timber windows has evolved and changed over the centuries, so there will be some notable differences between Georgian sash windows and Edwardian sash windows. However, it is important to note that earlier styles were often revived at varying intervals.

Georgian sash windows

Windows in Georgian Properties

The Georgian period is often split into the earlier Georgian period, from 1714 to 1750, and the late Georgian period, from 1750 to 1837. Georgian properties are often symmetrical both internally and externally, and were built using local materials, as it was difficult to transport materials around the country.

Almost all properties built within the Georgian period have sash windows that slide both up and down. Georgian properties generally had smaller windows, which normally had six glass panels, towards the top of the property, while lower floors had larger windows, often with nine or more glass panels.

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Victorian Bay Window

Windows in Victorian Properties

Victorian properties were built between 1837 and 1901. Working class houses often consisted of rows of tightly packed terrace houses built back-to-back. In contrast, the upper class properties were often large Victorian villas.

The properties were typically made from brick and frequently had patterns in the brickwork from coloured bricks. Victorian houses often had stained glass in the doorways and windows, with iron railings and decorative ironwork.

In 1832 window tax was halved, before being removed in 1851. This meant that larger windows were more affordable, so they were increasingly common in Victorian properties. Most properties had sash windows, but due to the cheaper price of glass, larger individual panes were often used with fewer glazing bars. Bay windows also became popular, often incorporating Gothic motifs.

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Edwardian timber windows

Windows in Edwardian Properties

The Edwardian period started in 1901, however, there is debate on when the period finishes. Some of the key characteristics for Edwardian properties include: red bricks, pebbledash or roughcast walls; polished wooden floors; and multi-paned leaded windows.

Similar to the Victorian and Georgian periods, in the Edwardian period, sash windows were popular. However, unlike the Victorian and Georgian periods, most windows had glazing bars separating the glass on the top section, while the bottom section was often left as one whole pane.  Also unlike the other periods, casement windows were also common in Edwardian properties, with openings along the top and were often filled with floral patterns in coloured glass.

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Bespoke casement windows Buckinghamshire

Bespoke Traditional Timber Windows

There are a number of differences between traditional and modern window designs, so it is important to consider all aspects of their design. This includes:

  • Size of window panes: smaller vs larger panes of glass
  • Type of glazing: single vs double glazing
  • Type of glass: historical Crown or Cylinder glass vs modern toughened glass
  • Glazing bars: fine glazing bars for single glazed units vs thicker bars for double-glazed sash windows

Working to ensure that your windows are period true will require both time and attention to detail.

At The Sash Window Workshop, we manufacture and install traditional timber windows, and can cater for a wide range of period properties and requirements. Our sales surveyors are highly experienced and can advise you of the most period appropriate style to suit your property.

By manufacturing all our timber windows from our own workshop in Bracknell, we are able to ensure the highest quality for your new windows and doors.

To find out how we can help you, or to obtain a free, no obligation quote to replace your timber windows, please contact us on: 01344 868 668.

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