Tuesday 28 June 2016

Window Treatments: Decorating your Timber Windows

While they can often be taken for granted, windows are an essential part of any home. They let light in and are a feature of any room. It’s always a good idea to make the most of any window, especially if it is a feature window.

Period timber windows can be a real feature and deserve to be highlighted with some creative window dressing. Window treatments involve adding fabric and patterns to a window, in order to create a softer frame and enhance its appearance.

You need to make sure you know exactly how big the window is before you start. If you don’t, you run the risk of getting all the measurements wrong and wasting time and money. Remember to measure the total distance you want your treatment to cover, not just the frame itself.

Bay Windows

If you’re lucky enough to live in a period property with a bay window, it sometimes can be a tricky space to know how to use well and even harder to decorate with blinds and curtains.
When deciding how to decorate your bay window, make sure you make the most of the feature. Make a display of it, buy flowers, add colour and show off the design of any traditional box sash windows you might have too. A bay window should be a really eye-catching feature of any room, so why not use the extra space?

Statement window sills

If you want visitors to notice your windows from both outside and in, make full use of the windowsills. There are plenty of stylish accessories you can use to brighten up previously plain and empty window sills – why not add some greenery with a couple of indoor plants, or personalise the space with a photo in a statement frame? Be careful not to over-accessorise as this could distract from the main feature.

Extend your sill to make a seat, with the simple addition of some well-placed cushions. Some traditional casement windows have windowsills that are wide enough to do this without any re-modelling. Use cushions that complement existing colour schemes to blend the seat into the room.

Colourful window boxes

A clever way to draw attention to your windows is to invest in window boxes filled with pretty flowers which add bursts of colour that instantly attract attention. Simple, beautiful flowers are great for drawing the eye towards a particular feature that you are keen to accentuate.


Bunting is an inventive way of drawing the eye and creating a design feature in your room. You can make bunting out of more or less anything that is flat, so don’t throw your old newspapers and clothes away as they may have a new life as bunting.

Old comic books make for a really fun way to make bunting. The colours and graphic style of comic books make them the perfect material for making some bunting. Simply cut out some triangles and attach them to some ribbon with glue or staples. The older the comic, the better, as it will give a real vintage feel.

Window Frosting / Film

With custom made frosting for glass windows you can design patterns and motifs that are really personal to you. Whether you’re frosting the whole window or just part of it, you can design the frosting according to your taste. Custom made frosting is really effective and perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms or other parts of the house that could do with a little more privacy.

If you want to achieve the same look but on a budget, then you can use frosted film rather than having the glass blasted. Available from most good DIY stores, you can apply this film easily by cutting to size. If you’re feeling really creative, you can even cut patterns or designs into the film before your apply it.


Half height panels are ideal for living rooms where the windows are facing onto the street. A half height panel makes it impossible for anyone to see in but also lets plenty of light in.

Curtains / Blinds

Depending on the style, shape and size of the window, choosing blinds or curtains to frame the window will also help insulate your room, and will reduce heat loss and drafts.

Full-length curtain panels on either side of the window will add length and height to the windows. Your choice of curtain fabric and curtain pole should reflect the overall design style of the room.

If you choose blinds, make sure they suit the nature of the room. Vertical or roman blinds work better in formal rooms and horizontal blinds give a more cosy and informal feel. Choose according to the room use and window style.

However, it is important to note that floral curtains will look odd with modern windows and modern blinds don’t always suit traditional sash windows. It’s important to match the two or at least compliment as best you can.

Regular maintenance

Make sure your timber windows are regularly maintained to keep them looking good. If the wooden frames are looking a bit tired, a fresh lick of paint can help bring them back to life. The Sash Window Workshop offers a range of repair services for timber windows.

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