Tuesday 05 April 2016

Why You Should Preserve Your Period Home’s Historic Windows

If you live in a conservation area or own a listed building you are likely to be governed by strict rules when looking to replace your timber windows. However even if your home isn’t affected by these regulations, there are a number of reasons why you should still aim to preserve your home’s historic windows.

Retain the Charm of the Property

One of these reasons is to retain the charm of your property. Although it will often be cheaper to replace your timber windows with plastic windows, by installing period appropriate windows, your home will retain the charm and character of the property.

When buying a new property, prospective buyers are often willing to pay more for a property with the period features intact, or where they have been replaced sympathetically.

Built to Last

With traditional timber windows often lasting for over a hundred years, the quality of material used in historic buildings was often built to last. Whereas plastic windows will require replacement when they deteriorate, timber windows can have their lifespan prolonged by regular maintenance.

If your windows are still in an okay condition, it may be cheaper to repair and refurbish them, rather than purchasing new windows. Repairing the existing windows also allows you to retain the original features and heritage of your home.

If the window frame is still in a good condition but the sliding or opening sashes need replacing, you also have the option to just replace the sashes while retaining your existing frames. This is also likely to be cheaper than replacing the whole window and less disruptive.

Environmental Reasons

If you windows are in need of replacement rather than repair, by purchasing timber windows, rather than their plastic alternatives, you will reduce the environmental effect of replacing your windows by using significantly less resource and energy.

The Sash Window Workshop

At the Sash Window Workshop we manufacture bespoke, timber windows from our workshop in Bracknell. This allows us to ensure that your windows are of the very best quality.

Our employees are experts within their field, meaning that our surveyors will be able to answer any questions you have on what would be best for your property, and our installers will install your new windows with the upmost care and respect for your home.

As all our windows are bespoke, we are able to replicate the appropriate style and size window to suit your property, helping preserve the heritage of your home.

To obtain a free, no obligation site survey and quotation, contact our team of experts on 01344 868668.