Tuesday 28 June 2016

Why you should choose bespoke box sash windows

If you are keen to give your home a new look, box sash windows could act as the icing on the cake for your renovation project.

Installing bespoke sash windows is particularly important in period properties where each architectural detail needs to tie together cohesively to evoke the period that the property was built in.

Here are some reasons why bespoke box sash windows are the perfect choice for your home.

Kerb Appeal

While appearance may not be everything, in the property game first impressions count for quite a lot. And with their multi-pane design and traditional wooden frames box sash windows are guaranteed to get more than a few heads turning.

Meeting building regulation requirements

If you live in a street lined with Victorian or Georgian properties your neighbours, and no doubt your local planning department, will appreciate every attempt you make to maintain your property’s heritage.

In instances where your original box sash windows cannot be repaired, any replacements will need to be as sympathetic as possible to the original design and stay within the same dimensions.

Replacing box sash windows with bespoke new windows gives you the ability to match the new windows as a closely as possible to the original in terms of materials used, sash style and the width, height and depth of your existing window.

Matching the period of your property

Sash windows date back to as early as the 17th Century in the UK, with one of the first examples said to have been created for Henrietta Maria, wife of King Charles I, after her return from France where sash windows were already popular.

Sash windows have since undergone a number of changes, including changes to pane formations and frame materials. Bespoke sash windows will give you the opportunity to create a sash window style that is perfectly in keeping with the period that your home was built in, whether that is Georgian or Victorian.

Personalised glazing options

If you are making the choice to invest in box sash windows, then it’s the ideal opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of your windows at the same time. Giving your box sash windows the bespoke treatment means that you can choose from a range of glazing options dependent on your needs, ranging from single glazing to double glazing.

Not all box sash window products are the same, and the product that you choose will give a different look and feel to your home. If you love the idea of sitting in a window seat and watching the world go by then sash window bays could be the right option for you. Other options include traditional cord hung windows, spiral hung windows, vertical and horizontal sliding sashes and fixed sashes.

Putting each design choice in your hands

The range of personalisation options for your box sash windows are so varied that you are likely to feel spoilt for choice when contemplating your final design. From specifying the type of glass you want, to getting a paint finish that is just right for you, your box sash windows can truly be a reflection of your personal style. And for that final flourish you can even choose from a range of window furniture details from latches to locks.

Enjoying the benefits of careful craftsmanship

Rather than being mass manufactured, at The Sash Window Workshop all our box sash windows are carefully crafted by expert craftsman. This means that attention to detail will be paid to the design of each sash window you order, ensuring a result that will perfectly match your needs each and every time.

If you are considering installing sash windows in your home, why not call us on 01344 868 668 to organise a free, no obligation quotation?