Tuesday 01 December 2020

What does a traditional sash window look like?

A common misconception is that there is one type of design and specification for all Victorian, Edwardian or Georgian sash windows.

However, traditional windows are bespoke and there were a variety of different design styles of sash windows within each of these periods. In this article we look at some of the most common wooden sash window design styles that can be found in UK period properties.

Sash Window Glazing Bar Styles

Glazing bars were common in the Georgian period, with several properties having 6 over 6 sash windows. In comparison, by the Victorian period glass had become cheaper meaning that fewer glazing bars were used in windows. As a result, 1 over 1 sash windows, which do not have any glazing bars, became more popular.

Below are some images of some of the most common sash window glazing bar styles found in period properties:

1 over 1 sash window:
1 over 1 Timber Window

2 over 1 sash window:
2 over 1 sash window

2 over 2 sash window:
Traditional Timber Sash Window

3 over 3 sash window:
3 over 3 Timber Sash Window

4 over 1 sash window:
4 over 1 sash window bay

6 over 2 sash window:
6 over 2 Sash Window

6 over 6 sash window:
Georgian Style Sash Window

6 over 9 sash window:
Traditional Sash Windows London

8 over 8 sash window:
8 over 8 sash window

Castellated head:
Bespoke double glazed windows London

Bespoke Shaped Sash Windows

In addition to having different numbers of glazing bars, sash windows in period properties may also have a bespoke shape.

The most common different shaped sash windows are arched head, rounded head and gothic arched head windows.

When replacing any of these types of windows it is extremely important to ensure that all measurements are accurate, as the design will normally be unique to that individual window.

Arched head:
Arched wooden sash window

Rounded head:
Rounded Sash Window

Gothic arch head:
Accoya Bespoke Window

Bowed sash window:
Bowed sash window

Bowed sash windows are more unusual and are perhaps the trickiest to get right when replacing them. This is because the whole window, including the glass, is curved.

Multiple Sash Windows

Multiple sash windows have more than one sash windows located next to each other. These can either be separated with brickwork in-between them, like bay sash windows, or separated by just the window frames, like Venetian sash windows.

Bay sash windows are often associated with Victorian townhouses, with the windows and the surrounding brickwork protruding at the front of the building.

Below are images of some of the common designs for multiple sash windows:

Double sash windows:
Accoya Sash Windows

Venetian sash window:
Venetian sash window

Bay sash window:
London Bay Sash Window

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Victorian Bay Window

new Edwardian wood sash windows

2 over 2 Sash Window