Friday 09 January 2015

Upgrade your home this January with casement windows

Casement windows are a great choice for anyone who’s looking to update and improve their home this year. They offer an alternative to the traditional double hung sash style window that is cost effective whilst retaining a stylish look.

Casements are very popular, and understandably so considering their versatility. A single lever latch means they can be operated one handed, so they’re hassle free, but they’re also designed to easily swing open which makes them perfect for harder to reach locations – like behind the kitchen sink or high up.

These types of windows also provide high security and are constructed with protection in mind. Casement windows come with hook shaped locks that are embedded into the frame, resulting in a window that is very difficult to break into.
You can also gain peace of mind with regards to safety in case of an emergency as casement windows benefit from a sash pivot that allows them to be opened very wide. If need be, you could therefore make a quick escape through these windows in an emergency situation.

A safety catch to hold open casement windows in place means windy weather is not a problem either and inward opening casements can be looked into if you live in an area that frequently experiences high winds.

Easy maintenance

The low level of maintenance required with casement windows is another huge draw. Newer models feature sashes that can be easily removed from their frame, making them simple and efficient when it comes to cleaning.

No matter what the style of your property, there is a casement window that will complement your home and timber casement windows are a top choice. They look particularly striking in farmhouses and cottages which have featured traditional timber casement windows since the 16th Century and you can opt for split casements for cottage-style designs or small glazed units which were popular in Georgian architecture.

These windows also add a touch of luxury and quality to a contemporary build and are a good substitute if a modern home cannot accommodate a traditional sash window fitting. Elsewhere, a contemporary flush timber window incorporates the basics of a classic casement window but looks ultra-modern.

Since they can be adapted to suit virtually any exterior, and come with such an array of safety and maintenance advantages, upgrading your home with casement windows could be just what’s needed to transform your home this year.

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