Tuesday 28 June 2016

UK Homeowners Spend an Additional £42 Million on DIY Disasters

Recent research* released by the Federation of Master Builders has found that UK home owners spend an additional £42 million a year salvaging work around the home that they tried to do themselves.

Draught Sealing by The Sash Window Workshop

While many homeowners may fancy themselves as a self-styled ‘Handy Andy’, the reality of a DIY project can soon turn property heaven into something closer to property hell.

The survey found that almost one third of homeowners called in a tradesperson to either finish or rescue work they had carried out on their property, costing an additional £871 on average than if they had hired a professional company from the start.

The research also found that 18% of owners believed that their property would be harder to sell due to their DIY building blunder, highlighting the additional potential problems from carrying out DIY work if you are not experienced in repairing windows.

Draught sealing is often thought of as something that can be done by a savvy DIY-er, but to ensure that your windows and doors are draught sealed effectively, and to avoid potential damage to the windows, it is important to contact a professional.

When choosing a professional to repair and refurbish your timber windows, check that they have experience working with period properties to ensure that the work is conducted to the highest standard, as unlike modern windows, historic windows were all bespoke.

Maintenance is the key to keeping a period property in the style with which it was intended. At The Sash Window Workshop, we offer a draught sealing and overhaul service which includes: draught sealing; repairs to damaged timber or glazing; and fitting new ironmongery and locks. The service is specially designed to improve window performance and stop your windows from rattling, all at a fraction of the cost of replacement, keeping your home warm, cosy and secure.

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*Based on 14.3 million UK homeowners (Department for Communities and Local Government)