Tuesday 28 June 2016

Timber Sash Windows in Brighton, Sussex

Brighton: the idyllic holiday resort complete with piers, arcades and the quintessential sticks of rock. A mecca of Regency and Victorian architecture and regal luxury where one can enjoy fish & chips in the traditional way… under an umbrella, batting away seagulls while sat upon the pebbliest of pebbly beaches our island’s southern shore has to offer.

One thing visitors to Brighton can look forward to is discovering the many styles of architecture that line the streets; from the decadent station down to the old seafront and the Royal Pavilion, the nation’s love of creativity and construction is abundantly clear.

Photo by flamenc via Wikimedia Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

With a large number of neighbourhoods across the city protected by conservation laws, many streets have successfully maintained their enduring aesthetic. Most commonly seen is the Regency style of housing.

The Regency period (1811-1820), brought a touch of sophistication and refined elegance to Brighton, which is eloquently demonstrated by the Royal Pavilion with its exotic oriental features.

Notable for their white facades and boldly columned entrance-ways, these highly sought after residences were and remain synonymous with the opulent period before Victorian sensibility ushered in a more understated style.

The Victorian Era also played an important part in the region’s architecture and its influence can also be found in the city’s landmarks, which further decorate the town.

Period homes in the Brighton and Hove region also display startling Victorian influences, with all the features which Victorian homes are known for—from sliding sash windows to patterned brickwork and slate roofs.

Brighton Timber Sash Windows

The upper classes demanded high ceilings and large airy timber window, features that are now highly lauded among house buyers today. Now increasingly hard to come by, ornate timber windows like the ones adorning every house in the West Hill area, were once the norm throughout the country. Although, unlike today, there were no set measurements for making timber windows thus maintenance or restoration of the window was, and remains, a completely unique process that requires fine attention to detail and highly skilled craftsmanship.

Maintaining timber sash windows and the protection of them is exceedingly important for Brighton and Hove’s historical charm. The Sash Window Workshop has helped uphold this ethos, having restored and replaced 33 windows and doors in the past two years alone*.

Having previously worked on a variety of listed buildings, we specialise in the manufacturing and refurbishment of timber windows in adherence to listed building and conservation area requirements, thus enabling us to help you preserve what’s important to your homes’ character and charm.

To find out more about repairing or replacing timber windows in Brighton, please call us on 01344 868 668.

*on the 18th September 2015.