Tuesday 28 June 2016

The Benefits of Installing Timber French Doors

French doors not only look great, but boast a variety of benefits that will add value to your property, make inhabiting the space more enjoyable and changing the way you think about home design. French doors are most commonly fitted as exterior doors, usually as a point of access for a patio, courtyard or other outdoor space.

Possibly the greatest thing about French doors are the way in which they allow homeowners to open up a room to an outdoor space. This not only lets fresh air circulate throughout the room, and entire home, but also makes indoor space appear a great deal larger. This is perfect in the summer months when the sun is shining, the air is fresh and you find yourself outside enjoying the weather. There’s nothing quite like being able to open up the house when skies are blue and the barbeque is grilling.

French doors are also a fantastic addition to the home during the winter months. As temperatures drop and the landscape beyond your windows becomes gloomier, it’s fantastic to be able to sit comfortably inside and gaze out knowing that you’re well insulated from the outside elements.

Modern technologies ensure that French patio doors are now extremely efficient at insulating the home and preventing any loss of heat from the room they’re installed in. Clever glazing practices and anti-draft measures ensure that you won’t have to worry about heat escaping or having to spend more money on expensive energy bills. This makes French doors the perfect means of regulating the temperature in your home and allows you to choose whether to open up the room to the elements or keep them shut out.

One of the other great things about French doors is that they can work with almost any design style. Although usually considered a traditional feature, depending on the use of materials, colours and design styles, they can work well in even the most contemporary of homes.

You can finish your doors with stained wood, different paint colours or even pattern effects, depending on your taste. This kind of design flexibility allows you to mould the room in your own image.

Rather than just a simple, plain door or window, why not make a design statement?

If you have existing external French doors, it might be time to replace them for increased security, energy efficiency and lower maintenance. You might also like to improve the privacy of your French doors by having some frosted or opaque glass fitted.

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