Tuesday 01 July 2014

The 3 R’s of Traditional Sash Window Maintenance

The Sash Window Workshop, manufacturer and installer of timber windows and doors across London and the South, have created their own infographic guide to sash window maintenance focusing on the 3R’s of sash window maintenance; Refurbish, Repair and Replace.

This particularly appealing infographic has been designed to give buyers an easy-to-follow explanation of the different options available for those problematic sash windows. Comprising small descriptions of the types of work available and a comprehensive break down of the funding needed, it is the perfect guide to help you decide on how to address your window requirements.

Sash windows provide our well-loved homes with light, warmth and ventilation; therefore it is important to treat them well. However, sash windows that are no longer energy efficient can become less of a pleasure and more of a financial strain; this is where The Sash Window Workshop’s infographic can help to save you money.

Period properties with draughty sash windows run the risk of heat loss; on average older houses can lose up to 15-20% of their heat due to draughts and this is the equivalent to having a 6 inch hole in your window! By draught-proofing your sash windows you could stand to reduce heat loss by up to 90% and after the initial cost of this service the average household could make savings of around £400 a year.

Secondary glazing has been recommended by Government bodies as a way of saving money on your heating bills by improving the energy efficiency of your windows. This is ideal for period properties as this service enables you to retain your original sash windows and is particularly useful should you live in a conservation area or in a listed building. Secondary glazing can reduce heat loss by up to 60% and can save the average household up to £300 per annum.

Much attention has recently been paid to the concept of triple glazing, however The Sash Window Workshop advises against this in period properties as often the windows do not fit the apertures and can ruin the aesthetic of the building.

The replacement of sash windows, despite the initial cost, can sometimes be advisable where the window is beyond repair. Some fall into the trap of constantly repairing which can amount to more that the replacement of a whole window overtime. The Sash Window Workshop is able to replicate your existing windows and specialise in bespoke sash windows which can be made match your exact requirements.

The Sash Window Workshop’s infographic guide to Window Maintenance in the UK details more information concerning the different options for window upkeep, helping those who are interested in energy efficient windows to save money and keep the aesthetic of traditional sash windows.

At The Sash Window Workshop we believe that windows and doors are a very important feature in any house and that they must be totally in keeping with the architectural style of the building to ensure that they enhance both the look and the value of your home.

We recognise that windows and doors must be installed efficiently with both consideration and the minimum of disruption.

The Sash Window Workshop’s team of experts will provide you with beautifully made, thermally efficient wooden windows and doors. Excellence and attention to detail extends beyond the windows and doors we make and into everything we do.