Tuesday 24 September 2019

Stained Glass Timber Windows and Doors

Stained glass has been around for over a thousand years, but historically it was predominately used in religious buildings.

Stained glass is a type of coloured glass that has been arranged to form a pattern or picture and is traditionally held together by strips of lead.

There is evidence of stained glass windows being used in British churches and monasteries from as early as the 7th Century. However, stained glass windows and doors were not common in houses in the UK until the Victorian and Edwardian periods.

In the Victorian period, homes were often built and designed to enhance someone’s status. Partly due to the Gothic revival, stained glass became popular in Victorian homes.

Augustus Pugin’s revival of ‘mosaic’ stained glass, rather than painting directly onto the glass, created a distinct Victorian style that can be found on the doors and windows in several Victorian properties.

Stained Glass Edwardian and Victorian Timber Windows

Timber sash windows and casement windows with coloured glass can be found on several period properties in Central London and across the country.

Featured windows may have stained glass to help draw attention to the feature window. Unlike religious buildings, which are more likely to have images portraying religious figures or created in someone’s memory, stained windows in homes are more likely to be designed with birds or flowers.

Stained Glass Edwardian and Victorian Front Doors

Stained glass is popular in Front doors and surrounding fanlights due to their attractive appearance.

Having a unique stained glass design on the front door can not only increase privacy, compared to having standard clear glass, but can also improve the kerb appeal of the property.

Similar to windows in houses, the stained glass design is normally of birds, flowers, or arranged in a pattern. Unlike windows, stained glass is more common than other types of coloured glass in front doors.

The Sash Window Workshop

At The Sash Window Workshop we have replaced several Victorian and Edwardian timber windows and front doors which have stained or coloured glass. We work alongside specialist glazing suppliers to provide our customers with high quality, beautiful timber windows and doors.

Stained glass in our workshop

We have stained glass and coloured glass examples in our showroom in Berkshire, which customers are welcome to visit, by prior appointment, to view samples and to have a tour of our workshop.

To obtain a free, no obligation visit and quotation, contact our specialist team on: 01344 868 668 .

Decorative Glass Feature Window

Stained Glass Front Door

Stained Glass Timber Windows