Tuesday 21 November 2017

Sash Replacement Versus Full Window Replacement

If your window needs replacing it is worth considering whether you can just replace the moving parts of the window (the sashes) or whether the whole window will require replacement.

As long as the property is not listed, either of these options can allow you to improve the energy efficiency of your windows by installing double glazing.

Sash Replacement

When replacing just the moving parts of the window, the replacement sashes are manufactured to the unique specification of the existing frame. These can be either casement sashes or sash window sashes.

On installation, the old sashes are removed, before the new sashes are hung in their place. The windows are draught proofed to help keep your home warm and improve energy efficiency. The video below details a walk-through of the installation process for installing new sashes into existing window frames:

There are various benefits associated with installing new sashes into existing window frames. These benefits include minimising disruption, lower costs and retaining the heritage of your home.

A bespoke, timber window specialist like The Sash Window Workshop should be able to manufacture replacement sashes to fit to the specific measurements of your current window frame.

Whole Window Replacement

If the window frame is no longer in a good condition, or the frame is not currently made from timber, full replacement will be required. You may also wish to install a complete new sash window or casement window if you are carrying out a full restoration project on the property at the same time.

When replacing the whole window, the installers will need to go back to the brickwork. This means that, unlike installing sashes into existing frames, the new window will need to comply with building regulations. It is therefore important to ensure that you receive a FENSA certificate, or similar, to confirm that the new window(s) complies.

Please note that your building is over 18 metres from the ground, FENSA will not issue a certificate. If you live in a property which is over 18 metres high, you will need to contact your local council to arrange for Local Authority Building Inspectors to certify that the windows or doors comply with building regulations.

A specialist timber window company should be able to help advise you whether complete replacement is required or if you can just replace the sashes on your timber windows.

The Sash Window Workshop have over 25 years’ experience manufacturing, installing and repairing timber windows across London and the South. If you are looking to upgrade or replace your timber windows, contact The Sash Window Workshop for a free, no obligation quote on: 01344 868 668.

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