Thursday 01 May 2014

Recession Busting Investments in the Planet

Beating the recession, The Sash Window Workshop is investing in the company more than ever by installing a new biomass burner to improve their sustainable heating system. The furnace meets the criteria of a Government scheme, using timber waste as fuel to provide heat for the company’s premises.

In times of austerity, it can be easy to dismiss the idea of investing in environmentally friendly technology. Despite this, The Sash Window Workshop is installing a new biomass burner to provide renewable energy to heat the company’s premises. The efficiency of their previous system is being further improved to meet the criteria for the government backed Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

Biomass heating is just one of the systems backed on the scheme and of all the renewable energy sources; it is thought to deliver some of the most cost effective and significant carbon savings. The Sash Window Workshop’s biomass burner is fuelled from waste timber materials as a result of the factory production process. The energy generated from the furnace is used to heat the workshop and offices, and to heat the water.

In addition, the improved extraction system will allow 100% of the wood waste to be used in the furnace as fuel, in place of the previous system where only circa 50-60% could be used. This will prevent timber waste ending up at landfill unnecessarily.

The Sash Window Workshop has always been a leader in producing energy efficient wooden windows and doors and has expanded this ethos to the workshop environment with the improved biomass heating system.

With this investment in the planet, The Sash Window Workshop is well placed for further expansion in the next 20 years!

For more information on the Renewable Heat Incentive, go to: www.gov.uk/renewableheatincentive

About The Sash Window Workshop:

The Sash Window Workshop have been providing high quality, hand crafted timber windows and doors to London and the south for 20 years. Our highly experienced team manufacture the timber windows and doors out of our workshop in Berkshire and expertly install the energy efficient products in our customers’ homes.