Tuesday 04 September 2018

Looking to replace your external timber door? What you need to know!

It is important to regularly check the condition of your external timber doors. External doors, like windows, are exposed to the elements and can affect security of the property if damaged or rotten.

The easiest way to check for rot in a wooden door is to take a flat blade screwdriver and tap the frame, moving all the way around the door. If it can easily be pushed into the wood, it’s a good sign that it has begun to decay.

Replacement Front Doors

Like windows, styles of Front doors have changed over time. The majority of Georgian Front doors would not have had any glass panes and would consist of six panels of solid wood. In contrast Edwardian Front doors normally had multiple glass panels which was often patterned or coloured.

To help identify which style of Front door is right for your property, view our article on Matching the Right Timber Front Door Style for your Period Property.

Glazing options

If you decide to have glass panels in your Front door, it is important to consider the type of glass that you want to use.

Coloured and decorative stained glass are both popular in Front doors and surrounding fanlights due to their attractive appearance. Alternatively, you may wish to go for frosted glass or alternative types of privacy glass.

Replacement Back Doors

When replacing your back door, it is worth considering whether you would like to keep the same type of door. Depending upon the available space and your requirements, you may wish to install a single back door, French doors or a bi-fold door.

French doors are popular choices for period properties as they are generally considered a traditional feature and help open your home to the garden in the summer months.

If you don’t have much space, single back doors are a great option allowing you to have a door to your garden when there isn’t space for a French door or bi-fold door.

Bi-Fold doors often require the most space but can make a large difference to your room in the summer months. Bi-Fold doors allow you to easily control how far your doors are open and folding the doors to the side of the room allows you to make the most of the warm weather.

Glazing options

You also need to decide whether you would like to have any glass in your back door. If you decide to, there are multiple different glazing options available depending upon your requirements. These include, clear, patterned, safety and laminated glass.

It is worth noting that safety glass is required on doors which have glass up to 1500mm from the floor – this is a legal requirement.

Conservation areas

Depending upon the type of conservation area, you may be required to obtain planning permission before replacing your timber door. If you are in a conservation area, the new doors will need to be made to be in keeping with the area.

At The Sash Window Workshop we have extensive experience working in conservation areas and can comply to conservation area and listed building requirements, where necessary.

The Sash Window Workshop

All our external timber doors are made to order and come fully factory finished with the required ironmongery. This means that we can create a timber door to your specifications. For a free, no obligation quotation, contact us on: 01344 868 668.

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