Monday 25 July 2016

Installing new windows or doors? Why you should check the manufacturing and installation standards

It is extremely important to ensure that both the manufacturing and installation of your new windows or doors are carried out to a high quality.

No matter how good the installers are, if the window or door they are installing has been poorly manufactured, they will quickly deteriorate and need to be replaced again.

Similarly, if the installation is not carried out to a high standard, the timber window or door will not be able to perform at the optimum level. This could mean it not opening or closing properly, or the product being damaged on installation.

Manufacturing timber windows and doors: The Sash Window Workshop.

How do I check the manufacture and installation is carried out to a high quality?

One of the best ways to check that your windows and doors will be manufactured to a high quality is to visit the workshop where they are manufactured. This allows you to see first-hand the manufacturing process and ask any questions that you have regarding the manufacture of your timber windows and doors.

To check the quality of the installation, first check whether the installers work for the same company as the windows and doors are manufactured by. If the same company both installs and manufactures the windows and doors, the process is likely to be smoother, allowing the company to monitor the quality and customer satisfaction from start to finish.

Testimonials and reviews from previous customers are also a good starting point for monitoring the quality of the installation process. If the company have any negative reviews, have they responded to them? It is also worth reviewing the guarantees for the product. If the company is confident that their product is of a high quality they are likely to include a longer guarantee to accompany it.

The Sash Window Workshop Installation. Credit: @gardengirllucy

Choosing the right company

When deciding which company to proceed with, make sure they listen to and understand your exact requirements. A good company should be able to advise you on the best solution to meet your needs.

It is important to ask the right questions before proceeding with an order. However, as windows and doors are not a regular purchase, customers are often unsure what to expect or what to ask. At The Sash Window Workshop we have therefore created a document to advise customers what they should expect and what questions they should ask during the quotation process, prior to placing an order. To download the document, please click on the link below:

Download our assessing your needs document

The Sash Window Workshop

At The Sash Window Workshop we monitor the quality of our product with multiple quality checks carried out throughout the production process, alongside regularly checking the standard of our installation team, aiming to send a manager or surveyor to every installation that we carry out, either during or after the work.

By operating from one central location in Berkshire, manufacturing our own new windows and doors, along with providing an installation service for our products, we are able to ensure a consistently high standard of work.

We occasionally use trusted subcontractors for installations, but they always work to our strict standards under the supervision of our installations management team, meaning you can feel confident that they will provide the same high quality service.

Our guarantees match our faith in the high quality of our products. As such, the joinery on all of our new AccoyaTM and hardwood windows and doors is guaranteed for 20 years. This is in addition to the 50 year guarantee against rot if your windows and doors are manufactured in AccoyaTM, our preferred wood.

To find out more or to obtain a free, no obligation quotation to replace your timber windows or doors, contact us on: 01344 868 668.