Wednesday 02 November 2016

Improving the energy efficiency of your timber windows

With Christmas just over a month away and days getting increasingly shorter and darker, it is important to make sure your timber windows are energy efficient. You have probably started to turn up the heating looking to increase the warmth of your home. However, if you have draughty windows, the cost of your heating bill can spiral as your home is left vulnerable to the cold winds of winter.

Historic England claims that windows in older buildings can lose around 15-20% of their heat from draughts (source), although this can vary from one building to another. Although windows will always let out some heat, energy efficient glazing can help keep your home warmer and quieter as well as significantly reducing your energy bills.

Draught Sealing

Draught sealing aims to seal the gaps around the window sashes which allow draughts, dust, dirt and noise to flood into your home. Most of the heat loss in older windows escapes through air gaps, rather than through the glass. Therefore draught sealing is an excellent way to improve the insulation of your home, while retaining the authentic appeal of your traditional windows.

Research by Historic England has found that air infiltration through a sash window in good condition can be reduced by as much as 86% by adding draught-proofing, highlighting one of the many benefits of the service.

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing involves a second pane of glass and frame that is fitted inside the existing window. Tests by Historic England also showed that secondary glazing can cut heat loss by around 60%.

The Sash Window Workshop can manufacture and install bespoke secondary glazing solutions for timber sash windows and casement windows. Our secondary glazing systems are designed to provide the benefits of modern glazing solutions, including increased energy efficiency and draught prevention, while retaining existing external windows to keep the charm and character of your period home.

Installing Replacement Double Glazed Windows

If your windows are in a bad condition and require replacement, why not install replacement double glazed timber windows? Unlike single glazed windows, double glazed timber windows have a gap between the two panes of glass. This gap is filled with argon or krypton and reduces heat loss, allowing your home to stay warm.

If the frames are in a good condition, another option is to just replace the sashes (the moving parts) of the window.  A popular option for upgrading timber windows, new sashes enable you to install double glazing without replacing the whole window.

At The Sash Window Workshop we will also draught proof all new windows during installation, helping to further improve energy efficiency and reduce heating costs.

Removing Draughts

By ensuring that your windows are energy efficient, you will not only make your home a more pleasant, warmer and quieter environment to be in, but also help reduce your heating bill.

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