Monday 16 February 2015

Decorating the Exterior of your Property

Whoever said decorating was reserved solely for the interior of our home? After all, the first thing anyone ever sees is the front of the house and the garden. So why not spend a bit of time decorating the exterior too?

The front of the house speaks volumes about what goes on inside it. A well-maintained exterior can tell you a lot about the people who live inside. It’s important to try and keep the front in keeping with the style of the house.

Here are some top ideas for making the exterior work harder to improve the look and feel of your home.

Paint the front door

The front door is to the house like a good smile is to a face. It reveals a lot about the house and the people that live within it. If your front door is looking a bit old and tired then why not give it and the house a bit if a face-lift?

Choose a colour that suits the design and style of the house. If the house is a traditional building with timber windows and period features then go for a traditional colour. If it’s a more modern building then why not go for a bold and bright colour? Painting your doors in bold shades such a yellow, red or blue, can really brighten up your door and have it stand as a beacon for your home.

Up the garden path

If there is a path way leading up to the front door, why not give this a makeover too? Choose some new tiles or paving stones and resurface the path. Edge it with a border or some flowers and you can really draw the eye of any visitors where you want it to go – towards your newly painted wooden front door.

Tidy up the garden

If there are things lying around in the front garden that you don’t necessarily want people to see but that you need to keep and use, why not hide away clutter in a small shed or lean-to? You can even paint this to match the colour scheme of the house.

Replacing overgrown grass in your front garden with turf or gravel, and replacing the fence at the front of your home, or giving it a new coat of varnish, can really help improve the exterior of your home.

Pick a porch

If the front of the house is plain, then why not add a porch to give it a bit of character and a focal point? A porch can be as big or small as you like, and could even be a small hood over the door.

Repair and redecorate timber windows

Ensure that your timber windows are in good working condition and have been painted recently, so the paint is not flaking. Well maintained windows that are appropriate for the period of the property can add thousands to the property value, in addition to improving kerb appeal.

If your windows are in a bad condition and need to be replaced entirely, or are letting in draughts, contact us to obtain a quote on: 01344 868 668.