Thursday 09 October 2014

Decorating and Accessorising your Wooden Front Door

It’s the first thing a visitor will notice, and the easiest of makeovers for your home’s exterior. The style of your front door can transform the look of your property, and the possibilities are endless. A genuine timber front door is a classic option that remains extremely versatile.

Doors come in a variety of elegant looks from the traditional panelled symmetrical and glazed styles, hailing from the Georgian era to the glazed embellished arches prominent during Victorian times. Whatever your needs, we can transform your existing doors to create the ultimate finishing touch for your period home.

Victorian Front Doors

Victorian front doors were normally characterised by elaborate designs, often within gothic-inspired arch designs. Front doors in the Victorian era (1837-1901) allowed lots of natural light to flood in through glass panes that were often coloured or textured.

Doors during this period also had plenty of brass work, and included a letterbox after they were introduced in 1850.

Georgian Front Doors

Like Victorian front doors, Georgian front doors also occasionally include glass panes, but these would normally be as a small addition on the top door frame. However, on average, exterior doors in the Georgian era (1714-1830) were windowless and demonstrated the epitome of simplicity.

Georgian front doors were also normally flanked by stone pillars, adding to the overall grandeur of the entrance.

Edwardian Front Doors

Classic exterior Edwardian doors would normally feature half glazed main panel with three smaller panels above it. Curved panel detailing was also common and doors would be painted in colour palettes including olive green and claret reds.


Part of the choice over design with front doors involves options with and without glass panelling. Many people like the look of glass in the front door but typically front doors will restrict any glass sections to the top of the door, rather than using it across the whole surface.

If you decide to go for a wooden front door with glass then ensure it is doubled glazed to minimise noise disturbance, improve efficiency, and ensure the safety of your home.

You can also choose between plain, patterned, frosted, and textured glass for your window. Textured and frosted options are great for those who want to allow light into their home while keeping prying eyes out and patterned or painted varieties help to turn this feature into a real style statement.

Ironmongery and Door Furniture

You also need to consider what ironmongery and accessories you would like to add to your front door.

From brass door knobs and knockers, to pewter letter boxes; all this and more can add the perfect finishing touch to your newly installed front door. You can also create the perfect welcoming entrance to your home with a personalised door mat.

There are a number of door knobs on the market to suit every style of home, from contemporary to period. As an example, if you are keen to recreate an antique look, you may want to opt for glass or brass door knobs.

Door numbers add a real classy look and really set off wooden doors perfectly if you opt for a hardwearing and high quality material like brass or steel. Match them to the material of door knockers, handles, and other accessories to really bring the look together.

Your choice of lock is also important. Always opt for something strong and resilient that will keep your home safe but don’t forget to spare a thought for style. At The Sash Window Workshop, we can source bespoke locks from specialist suppliers to ensure they complement your timber front door perfectly – meaning you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety.

Adding Light Fixtures

Adding light fixtures can also help your door stand out from the crowd, as well as increasing the safety of entryways to your home. You will need to consider how light fixtures will be mounted, or whether you want to use free standing solar lights to light up the path leading up to your front door.

Painting your Door

Adding a coat of paint to your front door, whether your palette is focused on being personal preference or period true, is a great way to brighten up your front door. You could even opt for a waxed hand coated finish to ensure your door colour stays as vibrant as the day it was painted.

If you have a traditional timber Georgian door then you may wish to choose a suitable period colour to match. Dark greens, blues, and reds were very much the colour of the era and always look great on period doors.