Tuesday 30 July 2019

Choosing the Right Glazing Option for your Timber Windows and Doors

When deciding on your new windows or doors, you will need to consider the different glazing options. In addition to selecting either double glazing, heritage glazing or single glazing, there are various types of glass which can help solve a variety of different problems.

Double Glazing, Heritage Glazing or Single Glazing

Double glazing first came to the UK in the 1970s. When double glazing first came to the UK, single glazed timber windows up and down the country were replaced with double glazed plastic windows. However, today the majority of timber windows and glazed external doors that we manufacture are double glazed.

Double glazing comprises of two panes of glass separated by a spacer bar and sealed with an inert gas. This helps improve the insulation and thermal efficiency of the window or door, keeping the heat in during the winter months.

Heritage glazing allows for double glazing in listed buildings, where double glazing would otherwise be refused, by using a slim profile double glazed unit.

For listed properties where double glazing and heritage glazing is not permitted, we are also able to manufacture single glazed timber windows and doors to conform to listed building regulations.

Standard, Toughened or Laminated Glass?

Unless the glass is located close to floor level or near a door, you will be able to choose between standard, toughened or laminated glass. Unlike toughened or laminated glass, standard glass does not offer any additional safety or security benefits.

Toughened glass is glass that has received a special heat treatment to toughen it. It is much stronger than ordinary glass and on impact disintegrates into small granular pieces, which are not sharp, reducing the risk of injury.

In contrast, laminated glass consists of two or more sheets of ordinary glass, which are attached together by a plastic interlayer. The plastic layer provides a barrier and on impact any broken shards of glass will remain attached to the plastic, reducing the risk of injury.

Both toughened and laminated glass can be classified as safety glass. Depending how close the glass is to floor level, this can sometimes be a legal requirement. Toughened glass also requires more force to shatter it than laminated glass, although once broken it leaves the window or door exposed.

Acoustic Glass

Noise reducing or acoustic glass is a popular choice. Acoustic glass consists of two panes of glass which have been laminated together using Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB). This helps weaken the sound as it travels through the glass to reduce the outside noise levels. This can be especially useful for properties located by busy roads, train lines or airports.

However, it is important to remember that noise will also come into the property through other areas, such as flooring so installing acoustic glass may not completely block external noise.

Patterned, Textured and Privacy Glass

Depending on where the window or door is located, you may want to consider patterned, textured or privacy glass.

Patterned and textured glass are often popular choices for front doors, helping to improve the kerb appeal of the property.

Privacy glass is popular for bathroom windows, as it helps distort the image from the outside.

Replacement Timber Windows and Doors

The Sash Window Workshop specialise in manufacturing and installing bespoke timber windows and doors. Working predominately across London and Southern England, we also offer a supply only service nationwide.

The glass you specify for use in your windows and doors can define the key characteristics of both the performance and appearance. Choosing the right specialist glass can offer significant benefits and the decision can make a discernible difference. Our sales surveyors are therefore trained to help advise you on the different glass options available and the best solution to meet your requirements.

To obtain a free, no obligation quotation to replace your windows and doors, contact us on: 01344 868 668.

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